Mudras + Tibet

Our Energy Body

Chakras en nadis

Our body is an amazing structure of electromagnetic energy vibrations. Our aura our energy field around the body is very receptive and sensitive to the vibrations of your environment – light, color, smell, aromas, sound and nature all effect the energy body.

Along the spine we have 7 energy centers called the Chakras. The chakras spin in a clockwise direction. They are connected to and affect our physical, emotional and mental well being. In order to understand the connection between our body’s physical organs and chakras we must be familiar with the basic functions of the chakras – what empowers them and what affects them.

Our body has a network of 72000 electric currents called Nadis. They run throughout our body from the tip of our toes to the top of our head and fingertips. These channels of energy must be kept clean and vibrant with life force for your optimum health.

Mudra sessions help to reconnect and empower the Nadis masculine and feminine qualities and energies creating a harmony and balance within our physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being.

Our hands and the cosmos

During the mudra practice you are magnifying the effect of the Solar System on your physical body. The right side of your body is ruled by the sun. It reflects the male qualities’ of your personality, mind and intellect.  The left side of your body is ruled by the moon and reflects the feminine side of your personality emotion and intuition.

Each finger is specifically influenced by a planet.

  • The thumb is influenced by Mars and affects will power logic and ego.

  • The index finger is influenced by Jupiter which represents knowledge justice truth honor and self confidence.

  • The middle finger is influenced by Saturn and it corresponds to patience emotional control and ambition.

  • The ring finger is under the influence of the Sun and corresponds to vitality health and matters of the heart.

  • The little finger is under the influence of Mercury which corresponds to written and spoken communication beauty and creativity.