Mudras + Tibet

About Mudras

What is a mudra?

  • An ancient healing hand gesture
  • A yoga hand pose
  • Aa symbolic gesture and hand positions
  • A basic element of dance ritual  
  • An integral part of religious ceremonies

During a Mudra session you will be connecting your fingers, palms and hands in specific ways. This activates and recharges your energy in your whole body.

History of Mudras

The science of mudra techniques dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt. A Pharo by the name of Akunatha might have been involved in these hand gestures and healing technique. Mudras can be found in all cultures and this language of hands knows no barrier of time and place.

Mudras and your energy body

Our body is an amazing structure of electromagnetic energy vibrations. Mudras help improve the flow of your life energy in your entire body.

Mudras and Essential oils

Essential oils play a unique role during the Mudra session. It was a known fact that in ancient Egypt the use of these two modalities together was very popular.

As Mudra therapy is addressing the energy aspects of our bodies (physical, mental and emotional) we use the power of various additional sensory aspects to help establish an optimum healthy state.

How do Aromas play a role in this process?