Mudras + Tibet

Mudra Session

How a Mudra session works with Guzang

During the Mudra session Guzang demonstrates how to bring your fingers, palms and hands in specific ways together.

You are in good hands as she is a certified teacher and therapist.

Did you know that throughout the session Guzang uses essential oils? Thanks to the oils you experience a deeper level of consciousness.

A session consists of 3 parts.


Introductory conversation

Before Guzang gives you specific mudra exercises she will first asks questions and listen attentively so that she can choose the correct Mudras that will help and heal you.

Breath and Mudras

Guzang will first show you how to breathe properly, as proper breathing is essential for your health and improves the power of your Mudra Practice. When you inhale the solar plexus should expand and when you exhale it should contract.  It is important you find your own comfortable pace when breathing whether it is faster or slower.  During your Mudra practice your breathing should be long, deep and slow. Always inhaling and exhaling through your nose.

Guzang ends each session with a meditation

After the Mudra session you end with a guided meditation. You will feel calm, relaxed, open and free at the end of the session.

Practical information

The price of the session for 2-3 hour is euro 60.

You can choose whether you want to come to Wassenaar or Delft for the session.

Do you have questions or do you want to make to make an appointment?

Call 06-42299409 or  send a mail to Guzang.