Tashi Delek

Hippolytusbuurt 26

2611 HN Delft

Tel. 015 219 07 65



In my shop you will find:
Clothing & accessories
Rice paper


When you visit the historic centre of Delft, you will surely notice the Tibet Shop at the Hippolytusbuurt, one of the beautiful canals in this city.

The name may give you the impression I only sell items from Tibet, but the Tibet Shop has much more to offer. Of course Tibet and Tibetan products play an important role, but I also sell items from countries as India, Nepal and Bangla-Desh. This has to do with my personal story.

Although I am Tibetan by birth, I was born in Kathmandu in Nepal (my parents are refugees from Tibet), went to school in India and after my marriage lived in Bangla-Desh, Africa and the Netherlands. The cultures of these countries and my religion - buddhism - and family (Dutch husband and two sons) are reflected in my shop, because they have been and still are the most important influences in my life.

In my shop I sell religious items, but also clothing & accessories, jewellery and rice paper. The subjects in the navigation column to the left lead to pages with more information (Dutch only, but with the help of the search engine Google they can be roughly translated) and pictures. I hope these pages will give you an impression of what you can expect when you visit my shop. I also like to talk about and give information about Tibet and buddhism.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. I will answer as soon as possible.

I hope to meet you soon in Delft.

Guzang Choden


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